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Twenty-something year-old from western Europe, hitchhiking for some years. Usually for fun and to get to places. Currently based in Leipzig.

Early days

I started hitchhiking 2014 in New Zealand. Two French girls took me on a road trip and even as 3 girls it was surpisingly easy! I continued then to hitchhike since I didn't have a mobile phone then and couldn't book buses or trains cheaply to get around. I hitchhiked for almost a year aound both Islands and considered myself as a well-experienced hitchhiker! :D Oh, who would have thought... western european motorways are somewhat more complicated than these few roads in NZ.

Still, I thought "this can't be so difficult" and got myself a decent map (and later a smartphone with an offline map. should be on every hitchhikers phone!) and continued hitching mainly around Germany.


Since I came back to Europe I hitchhiked mainly in Germany to all kinds of destinations. I really don't know how to calculate all these kilometers. I did two major trips to Italy and France, one alone and a longer trip hitching through the Balkans to Turkey and back. Calculated all the days together that I spent hitching, it could be around 1 year on the road by 2019. The longest rides I ever got was from Zagreb to Passau from a Turkish truck and from Folkestone to Hamburg across the English channel.