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<map lat="51.08333000000012" lng="1.18333000000002" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of United Kingdom
United Kingdom
State: South East England
Population: 43,000
Major roads: M 20
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Folkestone is a coastal town in the County of Kent in England, United Kingdom.

It is also the arrival and departure spot for the Channel Tunnel which crosses to Calais in France, the Tunnel is located north of the city at exit 11a on the M 20. It can also be accessed from Folkestone downtown by heading along Cheriton Road (A20) which becomes Ashford Road passed the M 20 exit 12, there are also buses going in that direction nearly to the Tunnel entrance.

As of 2011 there have been reports of the eurotunnel company refusing people who are identified as hitchhikers by the drivers. Tell your driver to not mention that you're hitchhiking.

Folkestone is located just off the M 20 which is also the junction to go into Sussex, following the coast on the A259, when coming from Dover.