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<map lat="51.30317418822754" lng="0.57366157714842" zoom="9" width="650" height="350" />

The M20 is a motorway in Great Britain, it leads from London to Folkestone. It is part of the E 15.

Hitching the M20

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Ramp.png Sidcup Road
Ramp.png Sidcup
Ramp.png St. Mary Cray
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Maidstone Road
Ramp.png Swanley North
(1) Autobahn junction.png Swanley Interchange M 25
(2) Ramp.png Paddock Wood
(3) Autobahn junction.png M 26
(4) Ramp.png Leybourne
(5) Ramp.png Maidstone West
(6) Ramp.png Maidstone North
(7) Ramp.png Maidstone East
(8) Ramp.png Bearstead
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png service station Maidstone Services
(9) Ramp.png Alkham Valley
(10) Ramp.png Lacton
(11) Ramp.png Westenhanger
Autobahn gasstation.png service station Westenhanger
(11A) Ramp.png Channel Tunnel
(12) Ramp.png Folkestone West
(13) Ramp.png Folkestone North
Ramp.png Hawkinge
Ramp.png Folkestone East
Ramp.png Dover West



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