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On my first trip in the middle of Germany :) hitchhiking west towards France
Opening of season 2013. march 7th



I'm a human being from Bratislava, Slovakia. Stuying ...

I speak Slovak (motherlanguage), Arabic (motherlanguage), English, German and a bit of Spanish.

Personal Hitchhiking Records

  • Longest Ride
    • 1,205km - Gas station near Girona,Spain (AP-7) to Gas station near San Michele,Italy (A4), August 2011
  • Longest Distance In 24 Hours
  • Longest Wait Time
    • Hitchhiking out of Istanbul - Came to the paytoll it was around 21:00, next day around 14:00 took a ride, then another, came to the border (BG-TR) hicthiked until the next day, then gave up and walked till svilengrad (got a ride to the trainstation) and took the train to sofia (6,95lv - 3,5eur)
    • On one spot :- 3 Hours and some minutes - Hitchhiking out of Paris towards Orleans
    • On a gas station :- Around 14 Hours near Zaragoza,Spain. A guy told he will drop me here. It was in around 10pm so I had no idea where are we. Not sure if this counts, because for 6 hours I was waiting for a guy who told he will take me.
    • 7 Hours : S1 highway near Vienna,Austria going to A1 east to Munich,Germany. Gave up I took the first ride offered. (To prague)
  • Shortest Wait Time
    • Few seconds, happened to me more than once.

Hitchhiking Summary

Unforgettable Moments