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Zaragoza is the capital of the state Aragon, in Spain.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Barcelona, France

Repsol petrol station/service area in La Puebla de Alfinden. Bus 211 till (012) NII Rotonda P.I. Malpica/Alfindén

Southwest towards Madrid

To hitch Southwest towards Madrid you are best to catch a bus towards the airport 501 which stops at Plaza Imperial. You can get out here and try to hitch from an on ramp to the A2, but you are better to walk along the side of the A2 for about 2kms until you find a large El Cisne petrol station

North-West towards Logroño, Pamplona, Leon

Option 1 Estación de Servicio Petronor Repsol petrol station right on the highway

From the city centre with a walk of about 20-30 minutes, I easily found cars there: If you go from the bus stop Avda. Navarra 54 C.C. Delicias in front of the Centro Cívico Delicias you can take the bus 603 to CASETAS, leave the bus at the stop Logroño 14 (which is the second stop in the vilage) and take the next steet to the right (Calle del Palacio) and head staight on for 200m, also go straight (2nd exit) at the roundabout and head on for another 500m. There ou will see some stairs to go over the trails at the railway station. Just continue till you reach the other side of the rails. Here you will encounter a small street on your left between two factories. On this road you see a roundabout after 100m that leads you over a bridge above the highway from where you can already see the petrol station. on the left side. Go on the other side of the bridge and continue on a small path parallel to the highway for about 800m and in the end you will see a walking enrance to the petrol station.

Option 2

Catch either bus 27 or 52 to Centro Augusta. From here follow the N-232 for 5 minutes till you reach a Carrefour petrol station. Place is still in city limits

Option 3

After Centro de Agusta, there are three petrol stations. Most drivers will be staying within Zaragoza or going to one of the outlying pueblos such as Utebo. Therefore, go to the third gasoline station. From there, try to get a ride to the truck station which is about 10 km away. If there are no vehicles, or it is night, you can walk there. The name of the truck station is La Joyosa and can be accessed by walking - illegaly - on the AP-68 towards Logroño.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

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