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Pamplona is a city in northeastern Spain.

Hitching out

Southwest towards Logroño

Search on maps for a roundabout at Ronda de Pamplona and Av. de Arostegui. After this roundabout there is a good spot on the right in front of a petrol station. Traffic is not bad.

South towards Zaragoza

Walk quite a way south from the centre down Av. de Zaragoza. Keep walking you will go under a big road and past a petrol station on your left. Eventually you get to a pedestrian crossing immediately followed by a bus stop on the right which is immediately followed by a roundabout. I had the best success hitching out from the bus stop with a sign for Tafalla. If someone crosses the crossing you can walk up to the stopped cars with your sign. With a sign for Tarfalla I got out in half an hour and was able to catch better lifts from there.

NorthWest towards Vitoria-Gasteiz or Donostia-SanSebastian

Walk till the junction of "ronda de pamplona" (pamplona ring road) in Berriozar northwest of the city there start to hitch. In Irurtzun there will be the junction, left for Vitoria-Gasteiz, right for Donostia-SanSebastian. better if u take the lift straight from pamplona to your destination cause there is not petrol station at the junction and is part of autovia (i.e. illegal hitchhike) but I had no problem also hitchin at the junction..

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