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Vitoria-Gasteiz is a city in Euskal Herria, in Spain.

Hitchhiking out

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Accommodation and Sleep

For food, dumpster diving and recycling is useful, there is a market twice a week in Santa Barbara (close to the center) where you can recycle a lot.
You can also find some food in the supermarkets' dumpsters, but it can be difficult as they are out in the streets with also individual garbages (-> you can easily get to know the times they take out trashes and take it directly.)
Also a lot of "fruterias" can give you some fruits/vegetables if you ask them, or you can recycle directly from the street if they don't.

If you need a roof for a few days, you can go and ask the Errekaleor neighbourhood to host you (an occupied place just aside from the city)
Better be ready to speak some spanish, and if you can, some euskara will be appreciated

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