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The Trans-African Highway 5, also known as Dakar-N'Djamena Highway or Trans-Sahel Highway connects Dakar in Senegal with N'Djamena in Chad. Most of the road is completely paved, except for a 775 km long part in western Mali, but in many parts the pavement is in a poor condition.

Course of the road



  • Bamako (there are two options)
    • Option 1: a shorter route in the south via Saraya and Kita, 825 km, about 300 km pavement in good condition, 345 km still under contruction and 180 km muddy road
    • Option 2: the longer route (910 km) via Kayes, Diéma and Didjeni
  • Sikasso via Bougouni, 374 km, paved, good condition;

Burkina Faso





In Dakar there is a connection to the Dakar-Lagos Highway (TAH 7) and to the Cairo-Dakar Highway (TAH 1). There is also a connection to the Trans-Sahara Highway in Kano, Nigeria and to the Ndjamena-Djibouti Highway in N'djamena, with which it will form a complete east-west crossing of the continent of 8715 km.