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<map lat='40.967' lng='-5.659' zoom='12' />
Flag of Spain
Autonomous community:
Flag of Castile and León.svg
Castile and León
Population: 155,740
Major roads:  A-50 ,  A-62 ,  A-66 
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Salamanca is a city in western Spain, the capital of the province of Salamanca, which belongs to the autonomous community of Castile and León.

Hitchhiking out

Northwest towards Valladolid and Burgos  A-62  E 80

Near Plaza de España go to the address Gran Via 41, which is under the stone arch walkway just past the post office (Correos). Right in front of that address are a bunch of blue and white signs, one of which says Polígono Los Villares de la Reina, línea 25. This is your bus. It's one of the red buses. Make sure you do not take the bus to Polígono Santa Marta. If you continue to where the arches stop there is an electronic sign that says when the buses arrive. This bus will take you through the industrial area with lots of warehouses. When you see the big metal sculpture in the middle of a big roundabout, get off the bus. The sculpture is a metal loop with a curved rod running through it. This is the beginning of the motorway  A-62  towards Valladolid, and there is a big shoulder where cars can pull over easily. ¡Buena suerte compañeros y compañeras!

South towards Cáceres  A-66  E 803

Option 1: Take the bus Linea 11, direction "Buenos Aires", get out at the last stop. This bus will take you to the western most extremities of the city from which you will be able to hitch a ride along the A-62 west and of course the A-66 south. The best spot to start looking for a ride south would be the one shown on the link below. You have to walk from where the bus drops you towards the highway, jump a fence to reach it and then cross it to the other side, but then as you can see at the left of the map in the link you will find a nice flat land field where cars can safely stop to pick you up.

LINK [1]

Option 2: Has less traffic than option 1. No need to pay anything but it's a bit complicated. Get to the Carretera de Ledesma (SA300) until you reach the roundabout at the city periphery. From here you can already see the motorway  A-62  to which it is another 20 minutes walk. There, you will find enough space to thumb and a shoulder were cars can easily stop.

West towards Portugal  A-62  E 80

From Plaza España, take the bus Linea 11, direction "Buenos Aires". This bus will take you to the eastern most extremities of the city from which you will be able to hitch a ride along the A-62 west and the A-66 south. Get out of the bus at the last stop, and follow the signs. You will get to a big roundabout. You can try to hitchhike from there, but there is a lot of cars going in many direction and even the ones taking the turn that says 'Portugal' are mostly going to the local industrial zone. You'll be much better off if you walk 1km next to the road to get to a second roundabout where you can hitch in direction of Portugal. Plenty of space for cars to stop. You're also likely to get a lift to one of the gas stations on the A-62 highway. Talking to people there can get you going much faster and further than hitching by the road (remember, it's Spain).

Note: If your ride is only taking you to somewhere near Vilar Formoso border and you want to go further in Portugal, stay at the last Cepsa gas station on the right side of the road, 5kms before the border. Gas is cheaper in Spain, and many cars fill up their tanks in there before entering Portugal. Getting into Villar Formoso can get you stuck there, especially out of tourist season when the traffic is almost exclusively local.

Est towards Avila and Madrid  A-50 

Go to "Ctra Madrid". Just before the centro comercial EL TORMES, there is a roundabout with a bus stop, and cars can either take the A50 or the N501, which both lead to Avila and Madrid. The hitchhiking spot is 30-40 minutes away from the center by foot, but you can also take the bus at Gran Via, to centro comercial el tormes.

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