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<map lat="42.34999999999983" lng="-3.7000000000000197" zoom="10" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Spain
State: Castilla y León
Population: 179.300
Major roads: A-1, AP-1, A-62, A-231
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Burgos is a city in Spain.

Hitchhiking out

West towards León (A-231)

Take bus 5 to the Universidad or walk just along the river on the N120. You will pass a petrol station, but it is better to walk along the road with a sign.

South towards Madrid (A-1)

Burgos is pretty small so you can walk to the entrance of the motorway. Follow the signs to Madrid (N1) and before the begining of the motorway there are traffic lights. It's easy to hitchhike here. Or just tell the people to take you to the first gas station (primera/proxima estacion de servicio)

If your not having any luck you can walk to the first service station on the motorway, its only about 1.5 kms from the entrance. Just walk past the entrace to the motorway and on the right there is a market complex, if you keep walking past the McDonalds you will come to a fence and you will see a exit-entrance to the motorway. You should be able to see the service station from there, just jump the fence and walk on up. There is also a shower but you might have to ask for the key

North-east towards Vitoria-Gasteiz

Go to district Gamonal (direction to airport). There is main street called Calle de Vitoria. The best idea is just to follow street until you found gas station (Repsol) on right - after crossroad there is nice spot. You can avoid motorway because toll is expensive and many spanish try not to go by it.

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