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Valladolid is a nice and quiet town located in the heart of Yucatan peninsula. This place is surrounded by tons of places of interest.

Getting out

Towards Merida and Chichen-Itza

There’s a good place to thumb right on the roundabout right next to the Policia Federal building on the road going West. Just stand next to the monument of a roller and wait for someone to pick you up. Waiting times differ. El Chulito and Shamcore were usually picked up by people who were on their way to work to cenotes and archeological cites.


There’s a place called «Sistema de Agua Potable», which is located right next to Proteccion Civil office (Calle 35 between Calle 32 and Calle 32A). It’s very close to Mercado Municipal, 20 minutes’ walk from the centre.

Go to Agua Potable, ask for the director of the place and explain your situation. The staff often travelers to find a safe place to stay. Mostly for sure you’ll be invited to sleep inside for a night. And of course you’ll have a chance to refill your bottles with fresh cool water. Good luck!

Buying food

On the northern side of the town (Calle 42) there’s a big supermarket called «Super Chedraui». Besides low prices sometimes there are pie and nachos (including veggie options) degustations in the bakery department of the shop. You can eat as much as you want for free, just be lucky to get to Super Che on the right time.

«Super Willys» is another option. There are few of them in the town, and the goods there can be cheaper then in other stores.

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