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<map lat='44.4' lng='8.91213' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Italy
Population: 610,000
Licence plate: GE
Major roads: A7, A10, A12
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Genova is a city in the northwest of Italy, near the French border along the Mediterranean coast.

Hitching out

West towards Nice (France), north towards Milano and Torino

There is a Q8 gas station right at at the central motorway entrance. It's located west of the ferry port in Sampierdarena quarter (Google 44.411132, 8.900976 and you will get the exact location). There are many busses going to that area but we found the bus system rather confusing and thus walked. This should be the perfect spot for anybody heading North or West.

Or you can catch public transport no. 1, 7, 9, 18 or 20 (depends from which part of the city you will start) , get out at Cantore 4 / S.B. del Fossato (Fermata a richiesta) stop , walk straight up the street ~800m and turn left before the gas station because if you'll take another left up the hill you will find a perfect spot to hitchhike behind the other gas station under the bridge (turn right at the exit) : plenty of space for the cars to stop, a roof above the head if it rains.

East towards La Spezia E 80

There is a petrol station near the motorway in the community Nervi. Take the bus 17 from the centre of Genova and get off at the stop Autostrada. The road goes up the bridge and, technically, it's not the highway yet so you can can stand there with your thumb up without fearing the police. Most the traffic is not going far at all so you'll likely only get to the first service station.


Genova has a big ferry terminal. There are many ferries to Sardinia, but even to Malta, Corsica, Barcelona, Tunis and Tangier.

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