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La Spezia
<map lat='44.11045283610712' lng='9.840660095214844' zoom='12' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Italy
Population: 95,600
Licence plate: SP
Major roads: A12, A15
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La Spezia is a city in Italy.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Florence

  • Gas station at the crossroads of Via Giosue Carducci and Viale Italia. The gas station isn't big or busy, but it gives a place for the cars to stop safely. You have traffic lights just before the station, so people can see you early and see the place to stop well. The traffic is heavy, and generally if someone is going from La Spezia to Florence 90% they're going this way.

You can get to the crossroads simply by asking people for directions because it's in the city center, and both streets are pretty main, so people generally know them. If you arrive in train to the city it's a lot closer from the La Spezia Migliarina station, then from the La Spezia Centrale.

West towards Genova

  • There‘s a Tamoil gas station near a small town named Brugnato. You can take the bus in the direction of the town, get off at the main stop, and walk some 20 minutes south-east on Via Antica Romana. Most of the cars go to Genova from there.

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