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6-8-10, hitchhiking is...
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Berlin meeting 13-14th March

Add your ideas to the agenda


  • To structure our main aims and Goals
  • make a timetable and milestones
  • talk about responsibilities
  • To consensualise a proposal for a 6.8.10 meeting-place
  • Work on proposals for http://hitchgathering.org
  • Edit information-texts for the website and the wiki
  • Enjoy good food, good company and some local bars.
  • Promotion of the event among hitchhikers
  • To archive the 789 content on existing website
  • Talk about fundraising activities (Youth in Action, Korn will tell)
  • maybe create a main topic and slogan for the event (like hitchhiking against environmental problems or hitchhiking against cars)
  • add more


  • A location is being organised. Please signup.


Online Participants

  • Updating wiki
  • IRC? Skype?
    • During the conference (if internet available), we try to be available at #hitchhiking on freenode. If you don't have an IRC Client yet, you can join the chat right here!


  • Hitchhiking traces.
    • Stickers/ flyers?
    • Little "visit cards" to give our drivers so that they can follow the action online or something.
  • Collect information on drivers
    • Create a way on the website to share this information
    • Goal: to show more about people who pick hitchhikers up
  • Workshops?
  • add more

Current Website Issues & Options

  • Newsletter and user-account integration is still problematic
    • Many people are not included in the newsletter and are not included upon account registration. Need to check both lists
    • To unsubscribe people have to first login? Should add a link to request new pw
  • Very poor integration with photos from Flickr and Facebook
  • Need to organise and separate 789 information/ users from 6810 more coherent
  • Need logo's and other promotion material
  • More multi-media content? Video's? Photo-upload options
  • Do we want more social networking aspects integrated? What type/ form? Or we keep it more minimal?
    • User relationships (traveled with/ met), Facebook connect (linking it with your facebook account/ checking who of your friends is a user already), Twitter integration, etc.
  • Profiles private or public, or give user the option?
  • Location tracking of hitchhikers? Creating a map to show people's routes?
    • Have a map on your profile and one that aggregates all routes. Like a tripplanner.*
  • Translations. Old content visible or only when translated?
  • Mail subscriptions for forum, to replace e-maillist. Option to respond by e-mail