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Viva con Agua is a German NGO located in Hamburg, Kiel and Berlin and some more cities.They also have lots of activties in Switzerland. The main objective is to raise attention to the worldwide lack of clear drinkable water.With different events Viva con Agua tries to reach especially the young generation to get involved into social engagement.

Beside cultural events like concerts, parties, readings and others Viva con Agua organizes a hitchhike race once a year since 2008.

A 23 minutes lasting movie about the Tramprennen in 2009 is available on Vimeo: Viva con Agua Tramprennen 2009 (german,engl.subtitles)

Aims and Objectives

hitchhikers 2009 in Linz
Hitchhikers spread this flyer in three languages 5000 times on their 2500 km journey from Hamburg to Saragossa
  • raise attention to the worldwide lack of drinkable water (via newspaper, TV and radio)
  • promote the philosophy of hitchhiking
  • connecting young people and encourage them to hitchhike connected with social engagement
  • fun

Since 2008 three races have been organized so far


The whole hitchhiking crew and their spontaneous host Boby in Montpellier 2008

Route 2008:

Route 2009:

  • Kiel - Berlin - Praha - Linz - Triest - Split - Dubrovnik
  • participants: 33 people, 14 Teams
  • 15 days
  • Website:
  • before the race started people could participate in a online betting game - the donations were for the drinkwater projects of viva con agua
  • the race used the liveticker extensively provided by MrTweek - more than 600 people followed the race online



viva con agua hitchhike race

There were no rules except to reach each checkpoint city as far as possible and follow the unwritten law of hitchhiking. Each team had to take a picture with time at each meeting point in the city.