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20 January 2012 - Alyssa took nearly two years hitchhiking across Africa, from Morocco to Mozambique via West Africa and the Congo. Stories and pictures at Open Destination

28 November 2011 - A first Western European competitive autostop club (DTSG) has been founded in Germany. Next to that, PASL announced that the World Championships will be postponed to August 2013, giving more sportsmen the chance to participate in the qualification rounds throughout 2012.

31 October 2011 - Helin and Jan made a hitchhiking documentary of their trip to Istanbul from Berlin. Read stories and watch videos at berlin-istanbul.com

28 October 2011 - We've had some server issues recently. If this happens again, you can still access mirror.hitchwiki.org for a quite recent version of the English Hitchwiki.

7 October 2011 - With Imst Hitchwiki has now 2000 Articles in English! Thanks a lot, to anyone who ever contributed anything here :)

6 September 2011 - As of today with the article about Tuvalu, Hitchwiki has an entry for every independent nation on this earth. Many of those are only stubs, however, and don't reveal much information - so we need your help as much as ever! Feel free to start with rating the country's you've hitchhiked in!

26 August 2011 - CouchSurfing has turned into a for profit company, consider using BeWelcome instead. BW is the only official non-profit organization for general hospitality exchange with an online network!

22 July 2011 - Craig & Dario hit the road to meet people, see places and go beyond frontiers: THUMBING ASIA From West to East. Clips, jokes, 3D-panoramas & Insights.

18 July 2011 - On the road to Kara Dere: Latest news and all important information for the hitchgathering in Kara Dere, Bulgaria 5 August 2011.

10 July 2011 - PASL is currently organizing the first Transglobal Autostop Race in terms of competitive autostop. Qualification Rounds are starting soon, for information, see their website (Russian) (English translation to be added soon)

24 June 2011 - Hitchwiki application for Nokia Symbian 5th edition and Symbian^3 released! You can download app from OVI Store. For bugs, suggestions and other technical stuff, please, leave comment in my blog post. Cheers!