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<map lat='61.49796642404192' lng='23.764843940734863' zoom='11' view='3' />
Flag of Finland
Population: 225,485
Major roads: E 63
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Tampere (Swedish Tammerfors) is the "second city" of Finland with population over 200 000.

Hitchhiking out

South to Helsinki, Hämeenlinna and Turku E 63

Though much traffic there is going towards the suburbs instead of further south, Viinikka crossroads is within walking distance from downtown. Go south from the Orthodox church or the bus station on the east side of the street, then at the intersection cross the street and turn east, and finally turn south after going under the two railroad bridges. There's a bus stop [1] across from (closed) a petrol station that gives ample space for a car to stop. Stop is shown on left in this camera. It's sometimes little bit difficult for drivers to stop here, since they're just coming from big crossroad.

Additionally you can walk 5min south to the next bus stop, wich is just before traffic lights and drivers see you well before. [2]

Use a sign because the road divides after some tens of kilometers into the E12 towards to Helsinki and Hämeenlinna and the E63 to Turku, and with a sign you might get a direct ride all the way to your destination.

If leaving from the Hervanta district, there is a closer option. Walk to the crossroads of Ahvenisjärventie and road #309 (a.k.a. Ruskontie). This it is 15 min walk from the center of Hervanta. There's a deserted 'bus stop' that is an ideal place for hitching. All traffic passing this place goes at least 5km to the crossing of road #309 and motorway #3 (road to Helsinki/Turku). Here there is another bus stop with ample stopping room and abundant traffic where one can soon continue on south. Turn down rides only as far as the suburb, as traffic directly to one's final destination will come soon.

It's a motorway the whole way from Tampere to Helsinki and with a sign you usually get a direct ride to your destination. If not, it's better to continue hitch hiking onramps (there's usually a bus stop) than on the motorway.

East to Jyväskylä E 63

Hitchhiking to Jyväskylä

Take bus 28 from Keskustori (the city's central square) to the stop Vastarannankatu. Just twenty metres further up the road there's the entrance for the motorway, clearly signposted. It's easy for cars to stop there, but there is little traffic. You can walk a bit further to join the actual motorway, where you have a very large insertion road

North-west to Vaasa

Walk from the city centre north-west until you´ll walk under a bridge and will see a road and an amusement park behind that. Cross this road, walk west and after maybe 200 metres you'll find a bus stop. This is not the best hitchhiking spot but with some luck you'll get a ride to a better place. Accept these shorter rides to get to a better spot. There are loads of busstops on the way to Vaasa from where one can hitchhike from.

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Finnish cities with more than 20.000 inhabitants

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100.000-500.000: TampereEspooVantaaTurkuJyväskyläOuluLahtiKuopio

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