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<map lat='37.34184374021268' lng='-5.984716415405273' zoom='15' view='0' float='right' /> Sevilla is a city in the south of Spain and the capital of the province of .


Watch out atservice stations in and around Sevilla area for mugglers as Sevilla has a history of thefts of truck drivers and other people who stop by. Never leave your stuff alone.

Hitching out

West towards Huelva or Portugal

The entrance to the motorway is exactly beside the bus station Plaza de Armas. Walk towards the motorway and stop after the bridge. On the right side of the street there is a huge crosswalk. The way to Huelva is to the left and the crosswalk is to the right. One hitchhiker had a waiting time of 40 minutes. Thumbing from the intersection Camas, which is the first one after the motorway junction, seems to be a bad option. A hitchhiker who did try, ended up waiting for four hours.

North towards Madrid

Take a bus to the airport of Sevilla. Get off at the airport stop and walk straight on towards the motorway. At the junction you will see a petrol station in your front. It's only a five minute walk, it's safe and you will find a ride for sure!

  • Note: One anonymous hitchhiker stayed there for a whole night and day and no one ever stopped. It's a dead end. The hitchhiker would definitely not recommend it. But then again it is Spain and as far as (s)he found out it is definitely completely about how lucky you are or not.

South towards Cadiz

Take the bus to Betis Football Stadium (which is in the south of Sevilla, Betis street is in the center). Ask for the direction of the autopista. At the end of the Avenida de la Raza is a roundabout. Underpass the motorway to the second roundabout and try to get a ride. You can go via the motorway or the parallel road, which also works, since a lot of people want to avoid the motorway toll. But it's slow of course. A sign might be useful.

East towards Granada

Take the bus no.29 from "El Prado" bus station (close to the Plaza de Espana) and get off after about 20minutes when you see CEPSA petrol station just few meters from the bus stop. From there try to get a ride to any petrol station further out of the city and on the A92 highway and there to get a longer ride, to Malaga, Granada or any other destination on East. NB: we tried this place with a girlfriend and had bad meetings with strange men , then a very nice couple picked us up to tell us this was the quarter : torreblanca , one of the most dangerous in pay attention in this place, people.

Towards Cordoba

From the center, walk to Avenida de Kansas City (After RENFE San Justo train station) and on towards the Autovia del Sur. There will be a Carrefour on your right along with a gas station. If you continue on there will be another petrol station - CEPSA - that you can stand in front of or wait at to ask for rides. The area is surrounded by trees which make it possible to camp and water is available if you ask inside the petrol station. Bring cardboard though as you might have to stay the night.

Free Internet

Tourist office at the San Francisco square offers 1 hour of Internet for free. You just have to sign up on the desk there. Working times: 10-14h and 17-20h.