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Saarland > Saarbrücken
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<map lat='49.22432427721752' lng='6.99554443359375' zoom='12' view='0'/>
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Saarland.png
Population: 176,000 (31 Dec 2007)
Licence plate: SB
Major roads: A6, A1
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Saarbrücken is the capital of the German Bundesland Saarland, located right at the French Border. It's not really something you wanna visit, beneath lots of other German cities, there are no important monuments, nor big party life. It's a student City and it's a border city to France, that's the main reason why you wanna get there.

Get there - Quite a hassle

According to lots of people from other German Departments, the "Saarland" doesn't even deserve to be German, they say. Some people even think, it's part of France and not Germany. And that's what it feels, if you wanna get there - It's somehow the arse-end of Germany. The only highway that deserves that name (2015) is coming from Mannheim - and if you just check out the map of the highway junctions around Mannheim you might feel dizzy afterwards...

Coming from Munich / Stuttgart / Switzerland / Austria

I am living there since a year and I used to hitchhike quite a lot in and out. --Windsohn (talk) 18:35, 7 October 2015 (CEST)

A drawing of the hitchhiker's map towards Saarbrücken

The really best way to get there, as I learned it, is on the highway - and once you're on the highway, never leave it again until you're at your destination, otherwise you gonna die alone in the forest! -.- From Munich towards Stuttgart and from Stuttgart towards Karlsruhe, check out the other Wiki pages. Whe you are on the highway between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, make sure you get dropped on a service area, like Pforzheim which is located between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. There you change the car to a car that goes either directly to Saarbrücken or towards Koblenz, [Cologne[Köln]] or Düsseldorf. Then let you drop down again at the service area "Dannstadt-Ost", close to Mannheim and change the car again. This time take a car towards Saarbrücken (if you are veeery lucky) or towards Trier / Luxembourg (what is most likely). Ask them, if the could just take you to the next petrol station which is about 20km from there. And this Petrol station, also some kind of service area of course, is called "Pfalz" and it's located next to a village called "Hettenleidelheim". There you can ask the cars that are heading towards France or towards Saarbrücken. Again - don't take half-ways or you gonna die in the forests of Saarland (Saarland is famous for the most trees per civilist). If the driver is heading towards france: The service area "Goldene Bremm" (more below) is the only spot where you can get off, the highway to France is not passing through the city itself.

Hitching Out - Many directions

The service area Goldene Bremm on the A6 is the best spot to hitch near the city. You can reach the service area easily by taking bus 123 or 126 to Neue Bremm. Don't confuse it with the Autohof that's nearby, there is a proper highway gas station, too! Take a look at the schedule of the buses. (Is it possible to ride the buses without paying for a ticket? Please add if you have info!) Waiting time is 5-30 minutes when heading towards Metz, Paris, Strasbourg. You can catch a ride even to Spain or to Nuernberg, Dresden, Leipzig or even Poland. Zenit found the service station quite depressing to get rides towards Strasbourg and ended up settling for a ride towards Metz after spending the night and trying to get a ride for about five hours, changing directions at the Longeville service station.

West towards Luxembourg, Trier

Go to the big bridge on Malstatter Strasse. You will notice many cars stopping at traffic lights beside the Luxembourg motorway sign. Approach the cars when they have stopped. I got a lift in less than 2 minutes.

After 15 KM there is a service station located on the Saarlouis section of the motorway. It could be useful for lifts in other directions.

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