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Qazvin is a city in northern Iran. Very historical and interesting city, it is the main access to Alamut mountains. very transited destination for travelers and tourist. it is also a must pass point on the way from Tabriz to Tehran

Hitching out

North towards Alamut East towards Kajan and Tehran

Mitudar meydan (square), is where start the road to Alamut. After 5 min walking u get rid of taxis and easily find a lift at least for first 20 or 50 km, later you may wait a bit more. If you have to go to tehran the highway starts 2-3 km further but also 2-300m after the square you easily find a lift

North West toward Zanjan and Tabriz or west to Hamedan and Kermansha

go until Danesh park. and there u have the junction to go north to Rasht or west to Takestan. At takestan you can continue to zanjan and tabriz or go out from the highway and take the national road to hamadan and iranian kurdistan

Accommodation and Sleep

It has a quite small couchsurfing community but active enough, you shouldnt have big problem to find a host.