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Alamut is a mountainous region in northern Iran.

Well known and visited by the majority of western tourists, the region has developed several tourists attraction (hotels/taxis etc) that often make hitchhiker's life a bit harder, though its incredible beauty definitely deserve a visit, and villagers warmness most often overcome the greed for money.

Hitching in

Panel of the junction

The only access is from Qazvin, the road starts on the eastern part of the city and lead north. The first 20 km, till Raz Jard village are very easy to reach, later u find the first range of mountains and after other 30 km Rajai Dasht village, where there is the junction, left to Razmyan and Lambesar castle and right to Moallim Kilaye and Hasan Sabah's castle. The most famous and visited one, Hasan Sabah's castle is more than 100 km away from Qazvin, and normally quite hard to get, though, refusing the huge offer of shared and private taxis that will approach every minute you might do it very easily. Until Moallim Kilaya or till the junction leading left to the castle (8 km) and straight continuing till Garmarood, u should not have big difficulties to find a lift, after starts to walk for the left 8km and some random truck may pick u up.

In November (ie very low season) Fede could arrive till 300m down the castle hitchin and could hitchhiked all around the whole region going and coming back to Qazvin in 3 days.

Hitching out

You might trek off from Garmarud, reach yuj (2 days walking) and after the caspian sea, but the easiest and fastest way will be come back to Qazvin. Lots of villagers and people from the region, depend on the city for lots of facilities and go there quite often. In holiday time, eg ashura, lots of people from all the region, till from tehran, come there to celebrate holidays in countryside and can easily offer u a lift.

Accommodation and Sleep

Like any mountainous place, free camping is possible and easy all around, just beware of wild animals. Villagers hospitality is great as well, but near the main touristic attraction u may find some guesthouse/hotel that can complicate a bit, spontaneous hospitality.

  • After having forbidden me to camp upon the castle ruins like a real assassin:), i was invited by the guardians to sleep in their guardhouse, playing chess and have dinner together. On Lambesar castle though, there is no one around, and its definitely one of the best spot to camp, view is amazing (not as much as hasansabah one but still awesome). Villagers invited me the rest of the time, watching me walk or standing with my panel "No taxi"