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Hamedan is a city in western Iran.

Very historical city, historical ruins and inscription from 3000yrs, it is also an incredible natural paradise for mountaineers, all the range behind it, is really worthy to visit. wheather is quite cold but people are very warm

Hitching out

NorthEast towards Qazvin or Saveh and Tehran

Take enghelab street until you reach the ring road at Najafi Boulevard. There walk a bit, (direction airport)and start to hitch, in autumn/winter there will be lots of pumpkin sellers:). Before Faminin town u have the junction to continue north or go east.

West towards Kermanshah or Sanandajand Iraq

the road start again from ring road najafi boulevard and split before saleh abad. If u want to go Kermanshah continue to asadabad but if u want to go iraq prefer north to Qorveh Sanandaj and later Sulaymania. just this way u will enter kurdistan unless u will find urself in baghdad and is not the safest place to hitch!

Accommodation and Sleep

Couchsurfing community is quite small, but local people are extremely welcoming. Fede was spontaneously invited at home 3 times in one day. There are also lots of public parks (eg baba taher square or front of university going to ganjnameh waterfall) but lots of panel saying camping is forbidden.

  • apparently no explanation, I ve seen police questioning and annoying people in one tent. Locals explained me, couples use tents for their intimacy and its forbidden, though people told me if u arrive in the quite late night (after 9pm) and take out ur stuff in the early morning they shouldnt annoy u, specially if u r foreigner. anyway is so easy make u invite, and wheather is also very cold and windy Fede

Other useful info