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Peterborough is a city in England.

Hitching out

To hitch from Peterborough is possible, but you have to go some way out of the city. Although I have hitched from the train station.

Toward A15 and Sleaford

There are 2 possible gas stations, Morrisons and Shell.

Shell is slightly better as just after there is a bus layby that cars can pull into. Its just after a little roundabout. But about 2km from the bus station so taking the bus there is possible.

If continuing toward Lincoln you will pass small towns of Deeping and Bourne - toward Peterborough there is a bus stop opposite the church and this has been good in the past.

Sleaford - from Bourne outside the Esso service station there is a little roundabout. Just after is a crossing and here the cars must slow. Hitch from here and cars can pull up just after St Davids Lane. Don't go to Morton its really close.