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<map lat='52.57551537552513' lng='-0.2471923828125' zoom='11' view='3' float='right' />
Flag of England
State: East of England
Population: 163,300
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Peterborough is a city in England.

Hitchhiking out

To hitch from Peterborough is possible, but you have to go some way out of the city. Although some anonymous hitchhiker has hitched from the train station.

Toward A15 and Sleaford

There are 2 possible gas stations, Morrisons and Shell.

  • Shell is slightly better as just after there is a bus lay-by that cars can pull into. Its just after a little roundabout. But about 2km from the bus station so taking the bus there is possible. If continuing toward Lincoln you will pass small towns of Deeping and Bourne - toward Peterborough there is a bus stop opposite the church and this has been good in the past.
  • Sleaford - from Bourne outside the Esso service station there is a little roundabout. Just after is a crossing and here the cars must slow. Hitch from here and cars can pull up just after St Davids Lane. Don't go to Morton its really close.

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