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<map lat='38.25166192031555' lng='21.741943359375' zoom='11' float='right' view='0' />
Flag of Greece
Population: 172,000
Licence plate: AX, AZ
Major roads: E 55, E 65
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Patra (also Patras, Greek: Πάτρα) is a city in Greece. It's one of the Greek cities with a ferry link to Italy, connecting to Venice, Bari, Brindisi and Ancona.

Hitchhiking Out

East towards Korinthos, Athens

From Rio Toll Station:

Take Bus No 6 from downtown Patra (EUR 1.30). Ask for Korinthou Street. There are stops there. Get off at the end of the line at the hospital. There's a road on your left leading to the toll station after 15 min walk.

A hitchhiker's experience

I have hitchhiked right after the toll station 3-4 times. Only once a toll station employee told me to leave. I went to the cantine 20m away and got a ride there from a guy who had stopped for a snack. Another time a policeman just asked me to step behind the bars. I had no problem to catch a ride.