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Brindisi is a city in Italy.

Hitchhiking out

Hitchhiking ferry to Albania, Vlore

At the moment (july 2012) was impossible, only one company (red star ferries) checking passport and driving licence of all truck passenger. Drivers said not even try. Moreover very smaller traffic. 'Fedecicco'

Hitchhiking ferry to Greece, Igoumenitsa

Pretty easy, lots of traffic and lots of nice people. Codriver ticket is not free (like e.g. Algeciras-Tanger), it costs 17E but if u r lucky and nice may find a nice driver paying it for you. it helps you so much if you speak Bulgarian cause majority of drivers are bulgarian. I was lucky finding one speaking spanish paying for me an entire "normal passenger" ticket..40euro.. 'Fedecicco'

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

In the harbour, situation seemed very calm, I camped without tent right behind the ticket office building and everything was very calm (they told me Bari is completely different stuff, bitches, smuggling, careful) 'Fedecicco'

Other useful info

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