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<map lat='39.5' lng='20.258466796875' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Greece
Population: 81,000
Licence plate: HN
Major roads: E55, E90
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Igoumenitsa is a coastal city in the northwest of Greece.

There is a ferry terminal with connection to towns in Italy (Ancona, Venice, Bari) and to some destinations in Greece. See ferries between Italy and Greece for more information.

Hitchhiking east towards Thessaloniki, Bulgaria, Istanbul, Turkey until Iran

Is definitely better if you find your lift on the ferry (coming from Brindisi e.g. as i did) but even on land, you just go at the port exit and trucks do have the space to stop (if they want..). It is really one of the most transited way in Europe, all trucks coming from Europe, Italy and going to Greece, [Bulgaria]],, Turkey until Iran must pass from here. They all will share the same way until Thessaloniki and later split, going north to Bulgaria and Romania or continuing east to Turkey. Everyday hundreds of trucks pass from there.

Sleeping in Igoumenitsa

Sleeping in Igoumenitsa isn't easy if you are on a budget and dont have a room. If you have to spend the night in Igoumenitsa and are planning to set up a tent ect. in the hills right nex to the port (South to the parking lot) beware that there can be suspecius people roaming around here (May, 2012). It's recommended to find a really remote spot outside the city (beatiful area by the way) or you could try asking if you can sleep in the ferry terminal in wich you will, or have, probably spend a lot of time trying to get a free ticket to Italy.

There are some unfinished and abandoned houses in Igoumenitsa in which one could spend the night but while searching for such place beware of straydogs roaming around in the streets. Theres a lot of them in Igoumenitsa.

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