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[[Category:Central America]]
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Applications-office.png This article is a stub. This means that the information available to us is obviously insufficient. In these places little information is available or the description is severely outdated. If you have been there, whether hitchhiking, for travel or as part of an organized tour − be sure to extend this article!

Flag of Panama Panama
Language: Spanish
Capital: Panama City
Population: 3,309,679
Currency: Balboa (PAB) and/or U.S. dollar (USD)
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Hitchhikers Katja and Augustas on the road in Panama.

Panama is a country in Central America where hitchhiking happens most readily. Roads north of Panama city are brilliant. Roads to the south are atrocious, and worsen as you approach Yavisa.

There are borders with Costa Rica in the North and Colombia in the South. However, there are no roads to Colombia. There is a way to go through the jungle but it's extremely dangerous due to the Colombian 'guerillas'.

It is possible to hitchhike a boat from Panama to Colombia or Ecuador so you don't have to cross the Darien Gap. On the Caribbean coast you may find boats in Bocas del Toro, right on the canal or in Portobello. In Portobello you should be able to jump on a charter boad to Cartagena, Colombia (~325 US).

On the pacific coast the situation of the marinas is difficult. In order to find boats heading to Colombia or Ecuador you should try the Balboa Yacht Club.


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