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<map lat='8.98817479358621' lng='-79.4915771484375' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Panama City is the capital of the Republic of Panama.

Hitchhiking out


The way out of Panama to the west is the Panamerican Highway. It starts out at the Puente de las Americas, and then heads out. The best bet to start hitching on this large road is to go to the bus terminal in Panama city and catch an 80 cent bus to La Chorrera. The Panamerican passes through this town and there you will find 3 petrol stations in a row (they aren't literally right next to each other) on the right side of the road. Apparently the third is the one where the most trucks stop off (don't ask why...). It's called 'Mileinio'. It's easier to talk to drivers than to thumb it, but both do work. Another option is to go to Capira, about fifteen minutes down the road from La Chorrera, where there's a restaurant called 'La Hacienda' where truckers like to stop.

Towards Colon

From Av 12/Santa Ana Park you can catch a bus Transistmica which leaves the city on the road to Colon. After around 20 km you will hit the intersection with the Panama City Highway.

Personal Experiences

I arrived late to Panama City. I asked around and eventually found the fire station right in the downtown area two blocks from the waterfront. They put me up on a sofa in the vehicle parking enclosure. They had a cold water drinking fountain to boot! -Chael777

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