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worst hitchhiking story

Hitchhiking with an older couple. Only took me along because they thought it was a case of need. Usually scared of the evil man in the forest. When getting off, I accidentally grabbed their (fancy) jacket together with mine, because theirs was lying under it. When I noticed it, my waving didn't help anymore... In case you're reading this now: I'm sorry! I gave away the jacket in the end.

best hitchhinking story

Hitchhiking in a threesome, chocolate from the services, laughed a lot, the three of us in the back-seat, German Schlager on the radio, got off at a bad spot, allowed to take the bus for free, munchies from a shop at the airport, nearly lost each other there, next was walking through the woods together, police check, sunset on a motorway bridge. Gorgeous.

Dream Destinations

  • South Amercia (Argentina and Chile)
  • Iran