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Maribor, is the second most important centre and the second largest city of Slovenia. It has a population of about 114,000 inhabitants, and is quite close to the Slovene border with Austria.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='46.543749602738565' lng='15.638008117675781' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Hitchiking out of Maribor is relatively easy, in all directions.

Direction of Ljubljana, Celje and Italy

From the Old City, walk to the bridge which leads to the Europark shopping mall, and continue straight, passing the shopping mall. (The street is called Titova cesta.) Continue walking in this street, passing the first petrol station on your right, till you reach the second petrol station. You can either ask drivers in the Petrol station to give you a lift, or you can hitchhike from the bus station just before the petrol station. From here it is about 1 km till the motorway entrance.

2016: This is not a good place to hitch. After being stuck there for 3 hours, most drivers passing by were on local roads only, as the highway onramp is about 5 km further. Most of the locals prefer northern exit, even when leaving for Ljubljana.

Direction of Graz, Austria, Murska Sobota, Hungary

From the main train station (Partizanska cesta) continue walking south for about 50m, till you reach a junction. (Ahead of you is the Bus station.) Turn left to Meljska cesta, and go straight passing under the bridge and crossing the first junction. After a while you will see on your left the motorway on-ramp in direction of Austria, stand on the right side and hitchhike, preferably with a sign. From here drivers go to either Austria, or continue on the northern road towards Lenart, Murska Sobota and Hungary.

September 2015: It looks like a really shitty place to hitchhike, because the cars can't stop safely (they block the cars coming from the opposite direction), but it works somehow. We got a ride after 10min of waiting.

Hitching in

From Ljubljana

From the main street, West of the Train station (Dunajska Cesta) take buses 6, 8 or 10 in direction of North. Get off in the station "Smelt", 15 minutes later, when you see the "World Trade Center" building. Ahead of you, you will see the Autostrada. On the first turn to the right, go into the motorway entry and stand on the side with your sign.


Sept 2016: we found an abandoned house right by the (kick-ass) Pekarna cultural center. It's still furnished (beds, blankets), the door is unlocked, the street-facing gate is broken and ajar, but I recommend getting in through the broken fence in the back to avoid being seen from the street

jezdarska ulica X Zitna ulica