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Flag of Slovenia
Population: 48,000
Licence plate: CE
Major roads: E 57
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Celje is a major city in central Slovenia, with a population of 48,000 people. You can walk around town, and explore the city center, the old castle and the local market.

Hitchhiking out

Hitchiking out of Celje is relatively easy in all directions.

Direction of Maribor, Ljubljana, Graz

File:Spot celje.jpg
Hitchhiking Spot at the busstop near "City Park" shopping center

From the old city center, walk up Mariborska cesta, for around 2km - there will be signs showing the direction of the motorway. On your right you will see just before the motorway the shopping center "CityPark", which among other things offer you a warm soup with croutons for 1.20€ at the Interspar restaurant. There is a bus stop in front of the shopping center, which is a good place for hitchhiking.

Optional continue further till the exit to the motorway on your right, now stand where the drivers turn from the street to the on-ramp - You will see on your right a small electric cabin. It's not a perfect place for them to stop, but they are used to people hitchhiking there. Hold a sign towards your direction - "LJ" and "MB", since the split is after 100m from here.

Hitching in

From Ljubljana

From the main street, West of the train station (Dunajska Cesta) take buses 6, 6B, 8 or 11 in direction of North. Get off in the station "Smelt", 15 minutes later, when you see the "World Trade Center" building. Ahead of you, you will see the motorway. On the first turn to the right, go into the motorway entry and stand on the side with your sign. It's best to hitchhike with a sign CE for Celje - you will probably get a direct ride.