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Hitchwiki Tech team pages
( documentswhy we work on Hitchwiki )

BXL hack for freedom, fun (and profit?)

when: September 23rd - October 8th

where: guaka's apartment, Brussels

HItchwiki stuff to do

What can you do?

WordPress stuff

  • work on frontpage
  • more integration with mediawiki
    • Fix login mw<->wp, é's in usernames don't work etc.
    • Autologin people to WP when they're logged in MW


  • tech pages on hitchwiki
  • set up dev.hitchwiki.org
  • more in git
    • set up bare git repo for everything
    • moved .git out of htdocs
    • set up git submodules - not sure about this, any git experts around? guaka 12:59, 25 September 2012 (CEST)
      • clean extensions
        • moved some to TRASH
        • would still like to keep Template:IsIn and RelatedSites but is not gonna be trivial
  • fine tune server
    • mysqltuner has some recommendations
  • clean up Hitchwiki project pages
  • move news-section to community and import rss-feed on Main_Page
  • allow .svg uploads so wanted files can be uploaded (mainly flags)


  • upgrade to latest mediawiki
    • on dev.hitchwiki.org now
    • Mikael: new design
  • upgrade extensions to latest versions
    • see LocalSettings.php and Special:Version (on dev)

other stuff at hackathon

hacking on


guaka Callum Franck Mikael Michtit Toub Richard lemon-head Realitygaps Vincent Julien PabloBD Matthew


contact guaka for practical stuff (e.g. address)


IRC channels