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Hama (ancient Hamath; Arabic: حماة‎, meaning fortress) is a city on the banks of the Orontes river in central Syria north of Damascus. It is the provincial capital of the Hama Governorate.

<map lat='35.12777117397315' lng='36.757850646972656' zoom='11' view='3'/>
Flag of Syria
State: Hama Governorate
Population: 470,000
Major roads: M1
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Hama is popular for it's 17 norias; have a look at them when passing the town, they are awsome!


Hitchhiking out

When travelling from Aleppo towards Damascus, one has two options for passing Hama:

  • The road directly through the city; you can choose to have a stop in town and try hitchhiking in between, but taxis could be annoying. Anyway most traffic passing this city takes this way
  • The bypass east of Hama; most trucks use this road, but not many normal cars. So if you prefer trucks, take this road, otherwise, make your way through the city.
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