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Flag of Syria
State: Homs Governorate
Population: some thousand
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Tadmor (Arabic: تدمر ), better known as Palmyra, is a city located in an oasis in the Syrian desert. It's listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The most important rule for hitchhiking in this area is having enough water with you and not leaving the city by foot on your own if you're not an experienced oasis dweller who's used to hot deserts.

Be aware of private taxis, the people in the city are used to many tourists and might want to have cash in return for giving you a ride. If you really want to hitchhike, make this clear to the driver when getting into the car.

Hitchhiking out

For hitchhiking out of Palmyra, you have only two options: Walk along the main road westwards for direction Damascus, or eastwards direction Deir ez-Zor. You can hitch along any point of the road.

Many tourist busses and taxis might cross your way. Walk towards the end of town and try to catch a ride. It is not recommended to walk far out of town along the road into the desert. People might be easily give you rides because they wonder why the hell you're standing out there in the heat, but it could take a while until long-distance traffic appears.

The highway to Palmyra
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