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<map lat='32.61971351298461' lng='36.10931396484375' zoom='10' view='3'/>
Flag of Syria
State: Daraa Governorate
Population: 75,500
Licence plate: none
Major roads: yes
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Daraa (sometimes Dar'a, Arabic: درعا‎) is a city in the south of Syria, on the border with Jordan, namely the city Ramtha.

Hitchhiking out

South to Jordan

Hitchhiking from the city across the border is very difficult. It is not permitted to walk across the border, and any cars going across must have a formal manifest of all passengers. The guards on the Syrian side are generally not willing to allow a hitchiker to stand at the border gate to wait for a car, and any car willing to drive back into the city to add your name to the manifest at the transportation office will want money.

East to Bosra

If you want to visit the ancient city of Bosra, get out at the last exit of the highway before the border. This is the road (109) going towards Bosra. There's enough space to hitchhike on the bridge that goes over the highway in direction east. Traffic might be low after passing the next two villages, also take care of taxi drivers / minibusses hunting for tourists.

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