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<map lat='32.565' lng='36.03' zoom='12' view='2'/>
Flag of Jordan
Population: 80,000
Major roads: 15, 16
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Ramtha (also Ar Ramtha, Al-Ramtha, Arabic الرمثا‎) is a city in north-western Jordan on the border with Syria, namely the town Daraa.

Hitchhiking out

South to Irbid, Amman

While hitchhiking out of the city of Ramtha itself may be possible, hitchhikers are not permitted to wait at the border crossing for a car going directly to areas further south. CRCulver asked to wait there, but the Jordanian border agents, who spoke good English and found the concept of hitchhiking repugnant, ordered him into a taxi to Ramtha's bus station and told him to take another taxi to Amman.