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Limburg is a trans border province both in the south of the Netherlands and in the north-east of Belgium. The regional capital for the Belgian side is Hasselt while Maastricht is the Dutch equivalent.

Have a look at this (Netherlands) and this (Belgium) Wikipedia articles to get closer information.

<map lat='51.25' lng='5.58' zoom='9' view='3' width='500' height='700'/>
Cities in Limburg with more than 30.000 inhabitants

> 100.000: Maastricht

60.000–100.000: HeerlenGenkHasseltVenlo

30.000-60.000: SittardGeleenTongerenWeertMaasmechelenRoermondVenrayKerkradeLandgraafBrunssumSint TruidenLommel


Located in the very heart of Western Europe, in between the Flemish Diamond, Randstad, Ruhrgebiet, Cologne and Paris major metropolitan areas, (>3 million) as well as numerous minor ones (0.5-3.0M) such as Arnhem-Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Liége, there is a very good chance that during your hitchhiking ventures across Europe you'll either pass through, or even end up in the province of Limburg.

North-South motorways

A2 Amsterdam-Luxembourg runs from Weert, passes Echt where it merges with the A73 Nijmegen-Echt, and on through Maastricht, where a section is bound to be upgraded to a full motorway in a tunnel, to the Belgian border south of Eijsden. and on to Liège

A73 Nijmegen-Echt connects Nijmegen, Venlo and Roermond with the south of Limburg. The Venlo-Echt section is brand new, and there are currently delays near Roermond due to construction work still taking place in the tunnels there.

East-West motorways

A77 Nijmegen-Cologne technically a N-S motorway, and only included here because it runs a full 6 kilometres through the far north of Limburg province, near Nijmegen.

A67 Bruges-(Antwerp-Ruhrgebiet)-Hannover cuts some 20 kilometres through the north of Limburg, near Venlo. Lots of traffic going from the UK/Ireland to Poland and back, as well as lots of lorrydrivers.

A2/A76 Antwerp-Aachen(-Köln) runs through the heart of Limburg, and passes Genk, Geleen and Heerlen along the way.

A13 Antwerp-Liége runs through the west of Limburg and passes Hasselt and Tongeren

A79 Maastricht-Heerlen short motorway connecting the cities of Maastricht and Heerlen in the south of Limburg with each other.

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