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Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. The city has one airport.

Public Transport

Bratislava has a network of slow trams, buses and electric buses. The trams and electric buses are only at the eastern part of the city (East Danube side)

Here is a map of the public transport

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='48.131348836914204' lng='17.14141845703125' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>

North towards Brno or Prague (D2) E 65

  • In the north of the city there is a small service station at the motorway going north to Brno. Take bus #34 or #83 from the old town, eg. from next to the Presidential Palace, to the bus stop Húščavova. The bus stop is directly after the bus turns left and crosses the highway over a bridge. You need to indicate that you want to get off the bus at this station. In the worst case though, you can get off at the next stop Lipského and walk a bit more. When you leave the bus just walk back over the bridge and turn left and walk to the next traffic light to the station.

Another option of arriving at the service station is bus #30 (goes from Novy Most) - the stop name is Pridánky and it's just behind the service station. You need to indicate that you want to get off the bus so pay attention to the announcements.

  • Second Option

Go to a bus stop called Mokrohájska‎ - buses 21,22,30,34,38,83 - the bus stop is on the road to Brno but it's not yet a highway. You can try hitch hiking directly 'behind' the bus stop, there's enough place for a hitch hiker to stand and for a car to stop. OR continue walking to the same direction the bus was going, about 300 meters forward there's a large popular gas station.

East towards Žilina E 75, Banská Bystrica, E 58 E 571

First option : There is a gas station directly on the highway D1 in Bratislava. It's near the AVION shopping park. You can take the bus 61 to near the airport, there's a stop called Fortuny. You can try either hitchhiking on the on-ramp or walking to the gas station. It's exactly 750m away from the bus stop. There are a lot of trucks going by this on-ramp, because this is one of the industrial parts of Bratislava.Click here to see the map

Second option : Take tram 4 or 2 to the end of the line going east, the stop is called Zlaté Piesky. Cross over the big road to your right and walk down past the Porsche dealership. Hitchhike on the highway just beyond the bus stop. Its not the greatest spot, but there isn't any other. The road splits into the E75 and the E58/E571 approximately 30 km east from here.

South towards Budapest E 75, Vienna E 58

  1. Probably the best way : From the city centre take a tram number 2 or 4 in direction of Zlate Piesky, get off at the last stop. Then walk along the road around 15 minutes. When you see the beginning of the motorway with a sign Győr, Wien, on your righthand side you will notice a petrol station. Go a few metres through bushes, and once you get to the fence, there is a hole in fence. Jump over it (its just one metre or something) and you are at the petrol station directly on the motorway. From there its very easy to get a lift to Wien, a bit harder to Hungary. Some people also go to Italy using this way to avoid paying for vignets for Austria, which are expensive.

Just attempted the above way and found no petrol station. There is nothing by the side of this road. It isn't clear which direction you need to walk in, and there is no footpath, you're on a grass verge (today covered in snow). Perhaps the petrol station is somewhere here but these directions are unclear and misleading.

  1. A very good way : Motorway-petrol station in the northeast of the city. Take Bus 63 (crosses the whole town) and get out at Tesco Lamac (next to a shopping centre). Walk 1 km northwards and you get to a bridge that crosses the motorway. Go down the steps at the bridge and another 100m north and you're there. Or you can get there also by bus 83, 34, 22 and 20 or even 30. When taking the buses 83, 34, 22 and 20 you have to get off at the bus stop Húščavova, walk back few meter to the bridge, go under it, and walk 50m to the gas station. When taking the bus 30. Get off at Pridánky, cross the bridge over the highway, go under it, and walk 50m to the gas station. Both bus stops require you to give the driver a signal it's a button in the bus (When there's only one button that is it. When there are two buttons it's not the one that opens the door, it's the one that says STOP.) Most of the cars will be locals but there are also some trucks passing by here. If nobody is going far ask people also if they aren't going along the D2 to Jarovce and passing by the big gas station located there. Here is the map
  2. The most traffic but it's hard to get there : There is a big gas station on the D2 highway south of the city. It's a quite walk to get there. Go by bus 93 or 95 to the bus stop Vyšehradská(It is the last stop of the bus 93), Cross the big road called Panonská Cesta and walk to the gas staion. It a bit far.Here is a map
  3. walk towards Vienna. Following highway B9 parallel to the Danube walk towards Vienna with your thumb out. The traffic is slow and light enough that people can stop and pick you up easily. (2012.01.24 I took this route and only ended up walking about 6km between two people who gave me rides. Probably better than waiting in town for a ride. -lex)
  4. get a bus ticket to Budapest for EUR 3(?) from the Student Agency on Obchodna Ulica. The place is, if facing towards the old town, on the left hand side of the street just before Postova Ulica, near the McD's/KFC and Slovak Pub. If you're under 26 don't forget to ask for the 10% discount.
  5. Walk south over the UFO bridge and follow the pedestrian/cycle path to the right. You will arrive at a bus stop on Einsteinova, standing at the front of the marked off lane will give drivers a place to pull over. The road splits shortly after, but both ways lead towards Vienna, so to catch all possible rides it's best to wait before the fork. It's not ideal as three lanes of traffic are moving quickly by. If you are unsuccessful, two bus companies operating between Bratislava and Vienna pick up right at that bus stop about every 15 minutes during the day. Also, there's an on-ramp from the bridge onto Einsteinova, where cars have space to pull over, Zenit got a ride there within 15-20 minutes.
  6. OMV petrol station near shopping centre AUPARK. Try to get a lift to the first petrol station on the motorway named Jarovce.

(I tried this option with a girlfriend. Enough cars, a lot of drivers speak English, but nobody is going to the motorway and everybody has a car filled with groceries, kids or a wife (MF))


It is possible to sleep in many places around in Bratislava. You can try to sleep at the railway station but there is a chance that the guards will ask you either to leave or to show them a ticket by which you are going to travel so just tell them that you are going to Vienna tommorow but you haven't bought the ticket yet and you will buy it yesterday. That should work. You can also try sleeping in the Sad Janka Kráľa which is located on the south side of the Danube river. It's a quite big park so that you should be able to sleep there without any problems. Another option is sleeping in the Pečianky les. Which is just a bit west from the Sad Janka Kráľa and is a forest where is a lot of place to hide and you can camp there without being noticed or disturbed.


  1. McDonalds
  2. Julius Meinl cafe at MyBratislava. Only on the ground floor. You can sit outside if you want.
  3. Many restaurants and bars display "free wifi" signs
  4. By the river there's an artificial beach (just sand brought by trucks) sponsored by this cellphone company where you can use their computers for free, also the centre has free wifi. (But it's only in the summer.)