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Hitchhiking in the Canadian province of Alberta is most acceptable in the mountain National parks. One will have the best chances of getting a ride in winter if dressed like a lift attendant or ski patrol, followed by snowboarder/skier (toque, ski jacket, snowpants). In the other seasons, the general rule of thumb is the younger and less drunk a person looks, the better chance he or she will get a lift.

<map lat="53.181089879585808" lng="-115.28124999998478" zoom="5" />
Flag of Canada
Population: 4,083,000 (Jan. 1, 2014)
Licence plate: Red lettering, White background
Major roads: Trans-Can, Yellowhead Hwy, Crowsnest Hwy, QE-2
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When hitching between Edmonton and Calgary, your best bet is getting a ride with a large truck. These trucks only have one passenger seat, so if there are two of you prepare to sit on a cup holder for most of the way. People will be motivated to pick you up if it is cold and you will get a ride faster, although the wait will seem a lot longer then it is. Starting out at a truck stop and asking for a ride will greatly increase your chances, as many truckers have a long trip and pick up hitchers for the company they provide.

'Hitch hiking in Alberta is legal! In 2014 September Bella and a friend were on the outskirts of Calgary trying to get to Edmonton and were told by a police officer that it is legal to hitch on the highway in Alberta as long as you are away from city limits - Calgary and Edmonton border. The police passed them many times on the highway and kept on going because it is is legal!




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