Red Deer

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Red Deer
<map lat="52.2856000000023" lng="-113.8293400000001" zoom="10" view="0"/>
Flag of Canada
State: [[Alberta]]
Population: 90,564 (2011)
Licence plate: AB
Major roads: QE-2, AB-2A, AB-11, AB-11A, AB-595
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Red Deer is a city in Canada. It has a population of approximately 100,000 inhabitants. It is located on the Highway 2 halfway between Calgary and Edmonton.

Hitching out

(QE-2) North towards Edmonton

(QE-2) South towards Calgary

(AB-2A) South towards Innisfail

(AB-2A) North towards Lacombe

(AB-11) West towards Rocky Mountain House

(AB-11A) West towards Sylvan Lake

(AB-11) East toward Stettler

Hitching in

Be Careful on Highway 2 (QE-2). It is a very fast, high-volume highway

Accommodation and Sleep

Given its size Red Deer has an unusually high amount of green space. Note: Watch out for Red Deer's homeless population, don't sleep in the Downtown area, Rotary Park, Bower Ponds, and Barret Park.

Public transportation

Red Deer does not have the best transit system in the world, but it is better than walking across the city. As of June 2014, a bus ticket is $2.40.

Ride Guide (2013)

Red Deer Transit Website