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Medicine Hat
<map lat="50.03306000000023" lng="-110.69334000000021" zoom="11" view="0"/>
Flag of Canada
State: Alberta
Population: 61,180 (2013)
Licence plate: AB
Major roads: Hwy-1, Hwy-3
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Medicine Hat in Alberta is a medium seized city in Western Canada. Typically, most travelers consider it a stop off point on their way to British Columbia, or out East. There is definitely a "You're worth what you earn" mentality, which can present difficulties for hitchhikers. It can get pretty Hot in the summer so bring water, and sun screen.

Hitching out

North/West towards Brooks (Calgary)

You'll probably have to walk to Redcliff, a small town immediately after Medicine Hat. There's a Tim Hortons and a truck stop nearby to solicit rides, plus a wide shoulder right by a traffic light (at Mitchell Street and Trans Canada Hwy)

Note: The City bus can save you part of the walk to Red Cliff. take the number 11 bus. Ask to get dropped off at the Last stop on 3rd St NW. Walk the rest of the Way to Saamis Dr NW, and it will take you right to Red Cliff.

South/West towards Lethbridge

Gershaw Drive turns into the Crowsnest Highway - Highway 3. It runs all the way to Hope, BC. It is a quieter Highway, but it runs through some pretty cool places, and people are more likely to stop. There is a service station, right across from the Airport, at the corner of the Highway and Bannon Ave SW. Some people have had trouble with the Service Station in the past, but if you are respectful, keep it clean, and Don't take up to much space, you shouldn't have any trouble. There is a City bus stop near by (Bus Route 22).

East towards Swift Current (Regina)

There are stoplights at the Dunmore Rd SE and the Trans Canada Hwy. Plenty of traffic and trucks are going slow. There's a wide enough shoulder that some of the trucks may stop for you.

Hitching in

Don't get stuck in Medicine Hat. You could be there for hours or even a few days. If passing through, your best bet is to get get dropped off in Dunmore, AB or Red Cliff, AB. Dunmore is a small village on the Eastern side of Medicine Hat. There's plenty of traffic, a good wide shoulder and slowing traffic due to a gas station and truck stop.

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