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Hope is a city in Canada.

Hitching out

Hitching out of Hope can take a long, long time depending where you are headed.

SouthWest towards Vancouver

Heading down to Vancouver, you will go through Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and beyond. Hit the highway, shouldn't take long but remember, it's illegal to pick up people on Highway 1, so people may not want to stop.

East towards Kelowna

You can get some rides on the corner just past the last motel before the highway. Highway 5 is the way you want to head. The best spot is further up, at the intersection on the highway that splits North towards Kelowna or East to Princeton. Most people will be Kelowna bound, going the other way can take forever. It is possible to loop through Kelowna and come back down, and rides in the Okanagan are super easy to get.

Places to avoid

Highway 1 might be a hard place to get a ride because of the legality.

Accommodation and Sleep

There is a big national park in the vicinity so camping is easy to find.

Other useful info