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<map lat="51.09034999999974" lng="-115.35206000000298" zoom="12" view="0"/>
Flag of Canada
State: [[Alberta]]
Population: 12,000
Licence plate: AB
Major roads: Hwy-1, Hwy-1A
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Canmore, Alberta is a small city in Canada. Canmore is located between Banff national park, and Kananaskis Country, so it is a very beautiful spot.

Hitching out

There are three main ramps that connect to the Trans Canada Hwy. Either one of them will work.

West toward Banff, Kamloops, Vancouver on (Hwy-1)

1. Go on the Bow Valley Trail at the height of the Canmore's tourist kiosk (Tourism Canmore Kananaskis).

East towards Calgary on (Hwy-1)

Best to start early as many people commute to Calgary.

East towards Cochrane, and Calgary on Hwy-1A.

Hitching in

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

there is a lot of natural woodland in the area, but there is also a lot of wildlife. Animal attacks do make it into the news every so often so be smart. There are don't keep food where you sleep, and take all necessary precautions.

Other useful info

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