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789, I want to hitch with Frankenstein
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This text is supposed to be the (official?) promoting press release which we can use to spread over the world to promote the 789 Event/Project/Festival/Whatever. Feel free to change the text, add information, correct it, and most important, translate it into your local language!

Text written in italic needs to be changed. The text below was found in the description of the facebook-group of 888.


Hundreds of hitch-hikers are taking part of the European Hitch-hiking Week On the 7th of August 2009 (7/8/9) and as long as a week before, hitch-hikers from all over the world will team up to hitch-hike to Odessa, Ukraine, for the second European hitch-hiking week called "The 789 Project"

This project shows that the hitch-hiking community is still very much alive in a century of motorways. Each year thousands of people hitch-hike all over the world ; and in many countries it is still a common way of getting around. The goal is to suggest that it could be a great human experience to pick up a hitch-hiker, share your car and exchange stories. The hitch-hikers community wants to promote hitch-hike as a way of travelling.

The festival is in Odessa, but the adventure starts at your doorstep. Each participant is invited to contribute to the event with road stories, pictures and videos. In the previous edition (08/08/2008) a documentary movie was produced.

Journalists are also invited to join the European Hitch-hiking Day. They can team up with experienced hitch-hikers, attend prior meetings that take place all over Europe from the 1st up until the 6th. They may also follow a hitch-hiker and call one or several of them to receive live-updates and stories along the way.

For more information about the "789 festival", visite the Website : www.the789project.eu About hitch-hiking visite Hitchwiki http://hitchwiki.org