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789, I want to hitch with Frankenstein
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The 888 project was a success. Let's make it look ridiculous compared to the 2009 edition. On the 07/08/09, hitch-hikers from all over the world will converge on a location that is kept secret up to now (because we haven't decided yet). This page will be used to coordinate the organisers until the month of October. Then we'll make something more informational or attractive.


At the premeeting on the last day of 888, there was a consensus on the fact that the event is more to promote the concept of Hitch-hiking rather than to all meet up somewhere and have a good time. This is why the proposal of meeting outside a city was ruled out, because we want to be seen by strangers. We need to pick a place where most nations can come visa-free and where we have a local organizer.

Please feel free to add your ideas and help organizing the 2nd hitchhiking European week.


789 planning written on the back of a hitchhiking sign

MAP (Please someone integrate it in the wiki, I don't know how to do it).

Please add whatever city you think is a good idea and explain a little bit why.

At the little meeting on the last day of 888, the general consensus was that the location had to move East, after Paris. If possible outside of the 15 original EU member-states. Ukraine was given A LOT of attention because it is the ONLY country of Europe that does not require complicated paperwork and expenses to get a visa. Kosovo was also given a lot of attention for that matter but also because we have a great local correspondent there and it can be a great opportunity for us to promote peace and hitchhiking in a region that needs such action. Any location within the Shengen space will make it close to impossible for the non-Shengen to join. Plus the price of life will be affordable for almost everyone.

Suggested cities:

Top suggestions


Where are those fucking hicthhikers !?! (Ukranian Soldiers in Odessa beach)

Ukraine is getting a lot of attention right now because it seems it is the only country in Europe where any other European can go without much visa-issue. Check out the discussion

Kamenica, Kosovo

  • +: We have a great contact there that can find us a space and get us the media.
  • +: Would be a really cool challenge.
  • +: Hitchhiking for peace!
  • +: The big Hammam (Hamami i Mahd), built in 1470, 15 domes, but no mix male female
  • -: The border crossing is a bit difficult / event may become slightly political
  • -: Hitchhiking in Montenegro... forget it (unless you give money). Also Serbia is quite hard.

Krakow (Cracow), Pologne

  • +: In the centre of EU -good access from every Euro country
  • +: Big grassy open space next to the Old Town to make a meeting
  • +: Places to get a full dinner for 2-4 euro
  • -: It's strictly forbidden to drink alcohol in public spaces!
  • -: polish police is usually unkind, so better to have everything legal, in Krakow - touristic capital of Poland - they might not be interested in having banch of dirty hhikers...


Copenhagen, DK

  • +: The lore beautiful girls of Europe !!!
  • +: one of the 888 organizer lives there (good network)
  • -: expensive place

Riga, LT

  • +: Central in the Baltics, which is an epicentre of European hitch-hiking.
  • -: Do we need to promote hitchhiking where it is already on good way?

Hamburg, GER

  • +: We have a volunteer there / Central within Schengen

Barcelona, SP

  • +: Spain definitely needs some education about Hitch-hiking/easy to get free food
  • +: Beaches to camp on, lots of squats.

Utrecht, NL

  • +: hitchhikers still to said it was great at the last meeting, why ?

Bratislava, SK

  • +: Not very touristic but very well known, we might get an official autorisation (it's also possible to get one for all the town...)

Torino, IT

  • +: Italy definitely needs some education about Hitch-hiking.
  • -: very difficult place for hitch-hiking

Munich, GER

  • +: Central within Schengen

Lviv, UKR

  • +: Was voted the most depresive place in Europe. Let's make it the most cheerful place.
  • -: It is not very touristy

Brno, CZ

  • +: friendly, active, cultural city - great potential/not much expensive
  • -: Not very well known

Lubjana, SL

Reikjavik, ICE

  • +: Hey, why not?
  • -: Hard to reach by hitchhiking

Cabo de St Vincente, POR

  • +: The challenge: It is "the end of the road" in Europe. The westernmost point. / Nice beaches.
  • +: The beach !


The two main concerns raised at the 888-last-day-meeting were:

  • Female HH safety in the country of arrival and in the "impossible to go around" countries.
  • The necessity of having a local coordinator/ support.
  • We really have to get a Forum to help people organize their rides. We can't rely on CS groups, they suck.
I can do that --MrTweek 15:49, 11 August 2008 (CEST)

  • Website. Do we need our own web site, or we stay on hitchwiki with all, can we find --MiSha18:23, 14 august 2008 (CEST)
  • Hitchwiki :
    • + easy for everyone to evaluate the project
    • + belongs to the hitchhiker community
    • + everyone can edit, it is the most horizontal way of organising
    • - a lot of thing isn't possible to do on that kind of site ?
    • we can integrate video + photo and also blog-postings.
  • Own Web site :
    • + all in one !
    • + autonomy/responsibilities
    • - take a time to make it work
  • Others propositions : ?
    • We could have a Wordpress blog that can also have static pages. We can easily also integrate video + photo's and make it possible for anyone to post new blog-entries + link it directly to the wiki-pages. Plus, there are already Wordpress blogs integrated into this wiki but we could also do it external, see for a good example this site. --Robino 14:15, 15 August 2008 (CEST)

Once again, edit if you want to add something.


We have to build a coordination with some partners, like the clubs of hitch-hikers in europe and maybe more ! everyone can ask to a club near from his place.

  • Ukrainian hitch-hiking club "Mainroad"
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Trans Europ Stop
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Academy Of Free Travels
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Moscow Hitch-hiking School
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Saint Petersburg Guild of Hitch-hiking Masters
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Saint Petersburg autostop league (RUS)
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Saint Petersburg's extreme travels team (Russia)
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Moscow club eXtreme trip
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Barnaul Autostop League
    • Web Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Latvian Hitch-hiking Club "E67"
    • Site.
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Utrecht (The Netherlands) Hitchhiking Club BOC
    • Site
    • Are they interested to participate :
  • Abgefahren e.V.