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Basic info

Name: Maria

Current residence: Wrocław, Poland

My humble contributions:

Hi, I'm Maria and I'm a beginning hitchhiker. I have a silly hobby which means that I travel great distances to see my favourite bands live. That's how I started hitchhiking more or less. I sometimes try to take photos of those gigs (with my baby Nikon D80), but I definitely cannot call myself a pro. If anyone is interested in my pics - please visit my dA page - Voigtlander.

I usually travel alone, but I don't despise a comapnion. It's just becasuse no one wants to see the bands I like x)


polish, english (both fluently), german, french (I’ve used to learn them a lot and they are still in the back of my head… just need to recall them) and a little bit of czech and slovak (cause they sound similar to polish).

But if necessary I think I’d be capable of getting along even with dudes from Faroe Islands. Sign language is universal.

Road counter

Jyväskylä - Kuopio → ~150 km (summer 2010)

Helsinki - Turku → 168 km (June 2011)

Wrocław - Berlin → ~315km (September 2011)

Berlin - Poznań → ~290 km (September 2011)

Turku - Helsinki → 168 km (June 2012)

Helsinki - Turku → 168 km (July 2011)

More to come...

Pictures from the road

Only one pic, because as I've already mentioned I travel mostly alone.