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File:Ingonite Stopi-Vine.jpg
Ingonite hitchhiking to Vienna, Austria.

About Me

My name is Inga and i’m from Latvia.

Currently I am living in Lüneburg, Germany.

So far, I hitchhiked in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Switzerland. I still want to continue hitchhiking in the future! I think it's great chance to see the world from different view!

When you have completed 95 percent of your journey, you are only halfway there. :)

I speak Latvian, Russian, German and English, so, i am quite talkative one! :D

More infos about me, you can find on my blog under "Short about me".

My Stories

My Statistics

My Hitchhiking Statistics ...
hitchway number ... ... from -> to ... ... km ... transports
1. Cologne, Germany to Leipzig, Germany ca. 500 km 4 cars
2. Leipzig, Germany to Praha, Czech Republic ca. 300 km 1 car + 1 train
3. Praha, Czech Republic to Bratislava, Slovakia ca. 330 km 1 truck
4. Bratislava, Slovakia to Vienna, Austria ca. 80 km 1 cars + 1 bus
5. Vienna, Austria to Füssen, Germany ca. 520 km 4 cars
6. Füssen, Germany to Zürich, Switzerland ca. 275 km 5 cars
7. Zürich, Switzerland to Munich, Germany ca. 300 km 3 cars
8. Munich, Germany to Berlin, Germany ca. 600 km 2 cars

My Travel Map

<travelmap countries="de,cz,at,sk,ch" width="507" description='Countries, where Ingonite has hitchhiked' />

My Blog

Ingonite's Hitchhiking Blog

My Contacts

eMail: [email protected]