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Lüneburg is a city in Germany.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Hannover / Braunschweig

Head south out of the city along Uelzener Str. and there is a bus stop called 'Neu Häcklingen' outside an Organic Food Market. This is a great spot for cars to pull over as they are slowing down before a roundabout. Also it is possible to ask cars parked in the market car park for rides to nearby cities such as Uelzen.

Getting a ride down to the A2 is then possible to find a car going from Hannover to Berlin.

North / West towards Hamburg

Head north of the city along Hamburger Str. to where this street meets the highway. Here there is an Aral petrol station and a McDonalds where it is possible to ask for a ride towards Hamburg. There is also bus stop 'Wilhelm-Hänel-Weg' further back along the street where it may be possible to stand with your thumb out.