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About Me

I'm Kristine from Jelgava , Latvia. I speak fluent Latvian and English, can speak Russian and somewhat in German. I'd like to study more German and Russian, and start learning Italian and French. I have a long hitchhiking history - I first hitchhiked with my 3 years younger cousin when I was about 9 years old. After that I started to hitchhike again in summer 2008. First it was just going from one city of Latvia to another, but as I grew up, the distance grew as well.


  •, I don't get to host a lot, because I live in a small city Jelgava. I've couchsurfed in Baltic States and Europe. If you want to visit me or see my CS experience, you can chek out my CS profile
  • Art, I attend art school.
  • Sudoku
  • Underground music festivals in Latvia
  • Taking pictures. I am obsessed with taking pictures of food I eat - whether it's in a restaurant or homemade.

International Hitchhiking Diary

Summer 2009:

Summer 2010:


Tallinn '09
our drivers'10
he was very tired, lol '10
8th day on the road '10
our hero from Scotland we met on the road '10